Princess Asstalk thrives in January?

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Knocked Up was a big hit for Katherine Heigl. But that wasn’t her movie. And, as she subsequently noted, she, um, wasn’t proud of that movie anyway. I wonder if she’s proud of any of her movies...? Like, is she proud of Killers???

It was 27 Dresses that really established Katherine Heigl as a “movie star” ... which... I mean, that’s a whole other discussion entirely. But it did well. And it did well in January. It opened at over $20 million. People were impressed. And that’s when she started asstalking ungratefully and trying to get herself off of Grey’s Anatomy.

Heigl’s last few releases however have not had the same success. So now it looks like Heigl is coming back to the month where it all started: January.

One For The Money
, the Stephanie Plum movie, will open in January. I know many of you are fans of those books. I’ve not read them but I understand your attachment to the character. And I’ve heard your dismay about her casting. Are you ready for her? If it does well in January, there could be more. Many more. Also, how did you feel about the poster?

I don’t know what this poster is supposed to tell me. She’s pretty and she’s holding handcuffs. Really???

This is Heigl yesterday in New York.

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