Katherine Heigl’s return to television is happening on Monday night, NBC 10pm. They gave her the timeslot right behind The Voice. Which is generous. Which means that, at least in its first week, State Of Affairs should do OK. But will it last?

So far I’ve read two reviews. Yahoo TV gave it a medium plus. Variety was not so kind. Ultimately though, most analysts believe it’ll come down to Heigl and whether or not people are ready to welcome her back.

Her character on the show is harsh, aggressive, even coarse. So she’s not giving you the sweetness here, at least not in the storyline. The sweetness though is there in publicity. Heigl is well aware of her reputation and has allowed questions about her reputation to be asked. She has answered adequately, not addressing specifics (like that Shonda Rhimes’s noun for a difficult actor is now a “Heigl”), but only to say that she’s never intentionally been unkind and that if she’s ever come across that way, she’s sorry.

So… am I supposed to be on side with Katherine Heigl’s reset? Some people have argued that it’s unfair the way she’s been treated because if she were a man, she wouldn’t have had that kind of blowback. Yeah, but there’s a network, a major network, behind her giving her a chance, isn’t there? A Monday night, post-Voice chance?

Where was Janet Jackson’s chance?

When Janet Jackson performed at the Super Bowl and had to eat all of that sh-t, is STILL eating all of that sh-t, as the NFL continues to single her out as a banned performer, and everyone turned against her, even the little f-cker who was on stage with her, ripping open her jacket… why didn’t Janet get a chance?

That’s why I don’t worry about Katherine Heigl. Here she is signing autographs at The Today Show this morning.