That’s what they call it – vaping, which means smoking from an electronic cigarette, which is what I’ve been doing for 7 months now and it works. I am off cigarettes. The problem is the word “vaping” is so dumb.

Anyway, Katherine Heigl has been an e-cig smoker for years. She used to smoke the kind that you see most often – they look like real cigarettes (think Leonardo DiCaprio) and they light up at the end. My e-cig is like a pipe. You don’t hold it in between your forefinger and your third finger so that the stick end comes out horizontally, but more like the way you’d chew on a pen. You see what Heigl is doing here? That’s kinda like mine, except I don’t know why hers is the size of a baby’s bottle. You don’t have to get them as fat as a marker.

Like I said, if you’re looking to quit, this might be an option.

Heigl was in Santa Monica yesterday at a business meeting with – who else? Her mother. Who is also her manager. Do they share a closet? I think so…maybe?