It’s time to make up baseless assumptions by studying a series of photographs.

Let’s play Photo Assumption on Katherine Heigl’s husband’s side-face while out for lunch yesterday with her and her mother. Horror, right? Total HORROR.

Imagine – as if Katherine’s goddamn hair isn’t bad enough, it actually MATCHES her mom’s…


IT MATCHES HER MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is happening here?

HOW is it being allowed to happen?

I know I’ve asked this before. I ask this REPEATEDLY. Because I just, I just don’t understand. Or maybe I do. Maybe she is such an insufferable bitch, maybe she has alienated so many people, no one will tell her the truth anymore. They’ll just let her walk around like that, with that sh-t on her head, pretending it’s not a problem when in fact, it’s a very, very BIG problem.

How much would you have to hate someone to let them keep growing that and, like, be in public with it and everything?

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