Written by Duana

Katherine Heigl and her husband had lunch together. It seems like it was a midday break which seems really nice – I’ve never managed to get that balance of a treat in the middle of the day without the rest of the afternoon backsliding into a mass of errands and not really getting back down to work.

But here they are, and though photo assumption is Lainey’s gig, not mine, let’s just play a bit, shall we?

I have to wonder if this is what he thought he would get. They’ve now been married about 3 and a half years, and Lord knows you don’t get fancy all the time at that point. But I’ve enclosed a picture of her from around when they got married.

Different, right? Yes, she was on her ‘regal’ tip and she’s never worn anything that wasn’t ‘old Hollywood Glamour’, but…not quite the same? Fresher, somehow?

Look, I really like that Heigl has never embraced the seemingly-obligatory long hair of blondes in H’wood. But something about her seems harder and tougher than I would have anticipated four years ago. She is a tall woman and, as I mentioned elsewhere, it’s not like we’re going to call her sweet and endearing all the time, but for a girl who’s only 32 years old there’s a lot of …business…. going on there.

Then again, look at him too. The hair is …casual, and there’s nothing about her carefully cultivated style that is happy with that string his sunglasses are on. I can’t abide shorts as short as he’s wearing somehow. Maybe those are my things.

But – devoid of a passionate embrace (it is the middle of the day, on the street), perhaps…they accept each other as they are?

Maybe this is what ‘comfortable together’ looks like. Maybe you stop caring about whether you cut a beautiful and cohesive ‘couple’ figure on the street because you’re content to let each other just be.

But I know exactly what she’s trying to get that tucked-in blouse to do. It isn’t working. His gift to her is not to notice, I guess.

Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com