Best Fist Pump: Kathryn Bigelow

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 8, 2010 08:11:29 March 8, 2010 08:11:29

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The moment when she realized that it was really real. That she won and that she gets to hold that Oscar and replay the moment back in her head forever and ever no matter what happened in the future. That all her work was going to feel like it was worth it. She had that look on her face - like she was remembering in that very moment the passion she had for the project when she was working on it.

So shouldn't there be more of this? I know how much we are supposed to love Helen Mirren and yes, even the lovely Meryl. But honestly, this is a dream for so many people that, statistically, they will never receive - do they really need to see people being cavalier and kind of 'over it'?

I mean, between the amazing, wonderful joy of Bigelow the first time - and then the incredulousness the second time when her screenwriter had to hold her arm to keep her from collapsing - I'm really over cynicism from these seen-it-all actors. When we have Gabourey Sibide and Carey Mulligan and Kathryn Bigelow SO DELIGHTED to be in that room - well, it kind of makes George Clooney seem like a bit of a dick, right?

Lainey: Bigelow has the most seductive voice. It’s soft but not weak, and sexy but not scratchy, and so elegant and graceful... she was GORGEOUS in the press room afterwards, still buzzing about the big win, and yet rather gracious about beating Cameron, refusing to be drawn into questions about how it must have felt to stick it up his pompous ass. I’m low classy enough to assume it for her. There was no King last night. Fist pump ladies.

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