Tom Cruise wants you to know Katie loves him. And that he loves Katie. That theirs is the Poster Marriage for the MiniVan Majority. And so here they are, continuing their Riviera vacation, parked on a beach with easy lens access and givin’ it up like gold for the pappies.

Katie gazing into his eyes adoringly, Katie smiling from her scientologised soul, Katie clutching his hand, their child nestled between them… as the Cabana Boy lurks in the background?

Funny thing is, I’d be more inclined to believe this fraud if they actually threw down and had an argument, know what I mean?

But still…there are the believers. After all People Magazine has a strong, strong subscriber base. And they do not appreciate when their illusions are called into question. Email I received yesterday from Paula in Colorado Springs:

“Enough with the negativity! What happened to you that your first reaction is bitterness when you see two people who are happy and thriving! Lainey, when you have a family, you begin to appreciate the joys in life and your children, nothing can compare. As a mother of 3 beautiful children I can tell you that Tom and Katie are enjoying their family just like so many of us who take pleasure in raising our children and you really should try it some time.”

I was told!!!

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