Second Sci Bump Watch

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 19, 2007 00:00:00 June 19, 2007 00:00:00

The London Sun is saying she’s expecting again – apparently they have sources. More like their source is Katie wearing a baby doll to the Real Madrid game the other day and photographed at an angle suggesting a bump. Snort.

Only 48 hours later however Mrs Cruise turns up on the French Riviera looking anything but. See attached – in matching cream coloured outfits, the GMD and RoboBride are there to attend the wedding of Australian billionaire James Packer. Rumour has it, since he’s now achieved Top Thetan ranking, Tom will preside over the Scientological ceremony.

So is she pregnant? Don’t have intimate knowledge of her womb. And with these Church people and their hidden labs and compounds, you can never be sure. But printing a story and quoting a source only a day after seeing her in a flowy little frock seems a bit convenient, though Tom probably loves the renewed interest in his spawning abilities. Remember, this is the most virile, most potent, most un-Homo of all men…right?

Don’t get me wrong…Little Sci will indeed have a sibling. And soon. But perhaps not so soon. Word is, Katie worked hard to get her body back. I’m hearing she wants to enjoy it just a bit longer, maybe through the summer. Will keep you posted.

Speaking of Little Sci – here she is all grown up in the arms of Daddy getting off their private plane yesterday. Just like mom, Little Sci is rockin’ the MiniVan Bob too! Love her chubby little legs and big feet. Love his delicate hands. Never noticed before… Tom Cruise has the most beautiful hands!

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