The life of the Cruises: Katie, Tom, and Little Sci…only one word applies.


Everything is amazing. Amazing times 1,000. Amazing all over the place. Skepticism aside, you’d think the Church of Scientology could afford a Thesaurus?

New interview to air Monday, Katie waxes amazing on her life, on motherhood, on Tom’s gifts as a father, on her stepchildren and as you would expect… they all share the same attribute.

They are all amazing.

Even more amazingly…she wants more kids! SO amazing.

Also amazing? Not-so-subtle publicist-sanctioned details about Katie’s amazing hospitality on the set of Mad Money in Shreveport, Louisiana. Treats for the crew every Friday 4 weeks in a row, and of course sweet details supplied to People Magazine about her shopping excursions, most recently to a local baby store during which Katie was amazingly normal and amazingly gracious and amazingly relaxed with Little Sci, letting her roam around freely (not mentioning of course the constant presence of 3 bodyguards) – an amazingly happy child who is amazingly well adjusted. Supposedly.

Another amazing piece of juicy scoop for the MiniVan Majority: the fact that Katie writes thank-you notes with Suri Cruise personalized stationary – cream coloured, of course, with Little Sci’s name embossed across the top. The note read:

"Dear Melissa and Pam, Thank you so much for the beautiful frame for Suri. It is so sweet and reminds us of our wonderful visit to your store and our time in Shreveport. It was a pleasure meeting you, and we thank you again for this unexpected treasure. Warmly, Katie and Suri."

Note of interest: she broke free and dared use another adjective - the word “wonderful” - suggesting her minders must not have been hovering close by while she was writing it? And signing off with “Katie and Suri”.,, What happened to KatE with an “E”?

Programming must wearing off – you know what that means…

Time for another Audit.