You know when you buy a makeup palette at the drugstore it usually comes in a 3 kit and all the colours are complementary? The Giver red carpet last night made me think of that. Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, and Odeya Rush all dressed to coordinate. And even the step-and-repeat reflects it. Does Katie’s dress remind you of a dancer’s?

Following that train of thought…

Katie dancing.

Remember when she was all about dancing and trying to be a dancer? Start at 1:50 if you’ve not seen this before. It’s a gossip classic.

Katie was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night after the premiere. Fallon’s silly games always crack me up. Even when sanctimonious Julia Roberts is playing – click here for a refresher.

Last night Fallon asked Katie to make f-cked up faces with him on a tablet. Should have been a riot, right? Oh but he had to work for every single laugh, didn’t he? Her energy is just so… DULL. What could have been a hysterical segment was, well, almost flat, if not for Jimmy sweating for it, sweating to make something out of, well, out of Katie Holmes. There are guests who make it easy for you. And then there are the nights when you have to throw everything at the camera.