In sharp contrast to the Katie Holmes pregnancy routine, Angelina Jolie has stayed away from public coffee runs, avoided PDA on the soccer pitch, and obviously does not grin haplessly at the control freak who got her knocked up in the top secret Scientololab. Here’s Angie from Just Jared trying to go incognito in France the other day, leaving yet another save the world meeting, this time without her humanitarian protégé/baby father. Naturally, since she isn’t smiling and since Brad was looking a little ragged the other day, European smuthounds are already sniping about tension between the expectant parents. Something about him feeling pressured by the prospect of 2 kids forever and a third on the way. Something about not being able to handle the newfound responsibility and the complete and total commitment it entails. For what it’s worth, I hear it’s a load of crap. And this is from the same people who assured me that a wedding wouldn’t happen last week: “As far as we know, nothing is wrong between them. If there was something wrong, he would have been in touch with someone in the States to sniff around, shoot the sh*t and get it out, you know? But no one has heard from him, he seems to be trimming down his old life and people from before.” But do these people like Angie? I ask. “Put it this way, she’s a lot less high maintenance than the other one.” Ahhhh…and why doesn’t that surprise me?