As we look back on 2012, no, wait, when we kicked off 2012, did you think we’d be including Katie Holmes and Blake Lively on the Winners List?

OK Blake...maybe. How Did She Do That started in 2011, when she secured Leo and then dumped in him favour of Ryan Reynolds. Who married her in 2012. And now we wait, impatiently, to see them in Martha Stewart Weddings, a spread that will make every celebrity PEOPLE Magazine wedding look like cheap sh-t in comparison.

God, would you just release the cover already?!? I want to see it SO BAD.

Here’s Blake last night at 12-12-12 Concert raising money for Sandy relief wearing Isabel Marant - click here to see the full collection - and really bad mall hair. Had she left it all down it would be one thing, but this half up situation is super MiniVan wedding. God her body is crazy.

And then there’s the year’s biggest winner, Katie Holmes, Courage Mom, and Xenu’s Neo/Potter/The One. Did any of us expect, at this time last year, that she would f-ck up Tom Cruise and play his ass to the point of defeat and retreat? Please. NONE OF US DID.

In 5 days, Katie Holmes will celebrate her 34th birthday, her first birthday in many years as NOT the partner of Tom Cruise. She will do so with really, really good hair. You see the contrast here between hers and Blake’s? One clip is the difference between stylish and not.