Seriously. 30 never looked so old! Or creepy!

Check out Katie Holmes today at Good Morning America with her Anna Wintour bob, the huge sunglasses, and the overcoat looking like some kind of weird recluse. This is how I always pictured Greta Garbo in New York. Which I suppose is a flattering compliment but the Garbo of those sightings was a stately older woman, not a girl in her prime whose soul has been snatched by a megalomaniac. 

Many of you have written in disbelief in regards to KatE’s comments last week about Little Sci – in an interview, she called her not yet 2 year old daughter “a strong woman” which kinda freaked some people out.

It reminds me of when Tom visited Oprah that last infamous time – when his couch jumping over shadowed everything else. What was overlooked then was what he said when asked about his kids Connor and Isabella. He called them “good people”. 

Good people… a strong woman…

Sounds like a script, non? 

It’s like they read from a script and memorise it by heart: standard remarks with superlatives that will work under most circumstances designed to charm the MiniVan Majority – she’s amazing, they’re amazing, it’s wonderful, and magical, and inspiring, strong women, women are powerful! magnificent men, men are great! World peace! rah rah, blah blah… 

Only when applied to children, it suddenly sounds weird. 

Point of the story: the Church needs a new speechwriter. If I may be so bold... I am available...

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