But... As IF. The source is super sketchy so as far as rumours go, this one’s more wishful thinking -- according to the UK’s Grazia Magazine, Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal are hooking up and Katie went to Jake’s apartment for dinner one night after being introduced by Joshua Jackson, which, I mean, Michelle Williams would have been the better Dawson’s Creek connection there, non? If you’re going to make up a story, that is.

On New Year’s Eve, Jakey was at the Jay-Z and Coldplay show in Brooklyn and hit up the after-party at Jay’s 40/40 club later on. Page Six was all over it. And if Katie had been there, they would have blown it up the next day. Maybe he snuck in after Suri’s bed time? Considering that Grazia’s not exactly the most reliable source, and it’s the ONLY source we have right now, let’s maybe not start naming their babies yet.

Besides, Katie has other concerns. Her Broadway show, Dead Accounts, is being shut down early due to poor sales. Like, the worst out of all current productions. Since she’s the most famous person involved, of course her face is the one attached to the show’s disappointing performance even though the play wasn’t very well reviewed to begin with, and most of the blame was on the writing by Theresa Rebeck who, um, was also the creator/showrunner for Smash but stepped down from the position for Season 2 and appears to be in a slump, which is a lot kinder than what some Broadway experts are calling it.

Dead Accounts closes on January 6 and then Katie’s schedule... seems relatively open. There’s certainly ambition there so they have to be looking, looking for new projects, trying to get her back to work, and preferably in movies, but I wonder if television isn’t her true home too. Claire Danes waited and waited and waited... and she was rewarded. Can you see the same for Katie Holmes?

Attached - Jakey with Jay on NYE and a selection of Katie shots from the holiday week.


PS. Just heard from Jake Gyllenhaal’s people calling Grazia’s story a “total fabrication” as I initially suspected because, when it comes to celebrity reporting, Grazia is usually pretty suspect.