Perhaps there is something to all those rumours that Posh and Katie’s BFF-ship has cooled. Because it appears the pupil is no longer the pupil and KatE has elevated her style game. 

First at the Critics’ Choice Awards, then the other night on the Mad Money Carpet, and yesterday at a party – my favourite KatE of the week – in a black dress beautifully fitted but look at those killer booties! Look at that heel! Even the hair is starting to grow on me… 

And this is why Katie is Tom’s #1 asset – beyond real estate, beyond bonds and stocks, his wife is the crown jewel on his unsteady throne. Katie is irresistible. And it’s a wasteful shame she’s not making her version of porn with someone much hotter. Not to mention taller. 

Which is why the Jessica Alba looks so pissy. They were at the same party yesterday and of course Katie was the biggest draw. If not for Katie, Jessica Alba would have been the biggest draw. Unfortunately, she was relegated to #2.

Bet your boob job her next interview will include a quote slamming Katie Holmes for being successful solely on the basis of her marriage. And this apparently is so much worse than being famous solely on the basis of a great ass. 


Just realised… am actually DEFENDING Katie Holmes. Xenu is powerful, non?