Katie Holmes was on Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about her play Dead Accounts with really good hair and doing a good job of being herself as Anne Hathaway being her. Someone wrote to me earlier today that her teeth look dirty. I dunno, I zoomed on them and they look fine to me. I wonder though if it’s that so many of them bleach the sh-t so much out of their teeth that they’re making people with normal teeth seem other. Kinda like actresses who don’t have any work done.

As for Anne Hathaway, here she is today in Brooklyn with her husband Adam buying toy gifts for Sandy storm victims. Why’s he trying to be Ryan Gosling?

Obviously this entire article was just an excuse to post it. How could I start the weekend without posting it? I’ve probably watched this close to 50 times now, no exaggeration. The rich low tone of Russell Crowe’s voice when he asks, “Where’s the child Cosette?” is... perfect. I think I might come out of this film totally, totally in love with his performance. My favourite movie of the year comes out in 39 days.