I"m about to gloat again so look out. This photo of Katie Holmes was taken yesterday in Los Angeles and I think it"s pretty clear that she"s still pregnant. And no, I don"t think she"s overdue either. Katie"s baby shower, held at the Scientology Celebrity Centre, had just taken place that afternoon. It was booked a few weeks in advance, staying clear of any breaking news delivery. Which means that what I"ve told you all along, what I"ve been telling you since way back in October, was absolutely correct. Little Sci was always scheduled to arrive just before the worldwide release of Mission Impossible 3 some time in APRIL. I"m gloating about this because when her bump first started making public appearances many major publications and even many of you were quick to pronounce a January/February birth. In fact, several of you emailed me with proof positive arguments for an earlier birth by judging belly size but we are heading into the last week of March with no baby yet. Forgive me for sounding smug but it"s also a great way to acknowledge my sources who provide reliable information in the often UNreliable world of gossip. Thank you all! So here"s a new TomKat update. Contrary to constant reports of breakup and tension, my sources are reporting once again that things couldn"t be better between the Crazies. The families are coping well, Katie"s mother has been allowed to be by her side, her father has been properly reassured that his daughter is being well taken care of, and Tom has been much more attentive and sympathetic to her anxieties, compromising on the "silent requirement" in the delivery room so that Katie has permission to vocalise her birthing agony should she choose to. Needless to say, pain medication is out of the question, but it"s nice to see that Katie won"t have to cut her tongue out if things get too unbearable. Geez, Tom is so magnanimous and kind, don"t you think?