Speaking of manipulative illusion, here are Tom and Katie on Friday night in LA and again today in Beverly Hills with the bump on full display from JJB. So we are well in to March and she still hasn"t popped. Forgive me for saying this…but I told you so. In the face of all the analysis and previous speculation on a January or February due date, please allow me to give a special shout out to my sources who always maintained - from the beginning - that the baby would be timed for March to early April, coinciding with the first stages of promo for Mission Impossible 3. And how is the happy couple, you ask? Perez Hilton is saying there was a huge fight this weekend. Now I"m not about to go against Prince Perez and his powerful reach but oddly enough, I"m actually hearing a much different story - that they"re not on the verge of a split. In fact, I"ve been told that things are actually much better than they"ve ever been. As the arrival date approaches, both sides have mellowed out, with her family taking the lead in trying to make the best of the situation. My source is reporting that over the course of the last 2 weeks -ever since the trip to Australia and beyond when the Holmes clan realised they could exert little or no influence on the situation - the relationship has improved, especially because Katie"s father took the lead in smoothing the road to a prenup that works for everyone. Not surprisingly, Tom"s terms were supposedly quite generous and regardless of the actual circumstances behind how we arrived here, all is reportedly moving forward very amicably with a wedding being planned some time this summer, much to the consternation of a certain frozen-faced ex wife. Anyway, take that for what you will. At least between Perez"s sources and my own modest account, you"re probably well covered on all bases now.