Katie Holmes looked in great spirits today flying out of Manhattan on a helicopter. This is the life of Mrs Cruise. Private jets and helicopters, the convenience of not having to sit in traffic. You know, in these shots from the window, she actually does give off a Jackie O vibe. The trench coat and the glasses, right?

As for the soother thing from earlier this week – I guess, having no real experience with this, I am with you judgy moms about her being too old…but also, this child, she’s not Violet Affleck who, for the most part, really doesn’t seem to be affected by the photographers. Suri Cruise, you have to shoot her from a long lens. Maybe she’s still growing into her confidence. Maybe she needs some comfort. I’m not the most maternal person, but even I think maybe in that case it might be ok?

Never mind, I know nothing of comforting children, this probably sounds dumbass. Carry on without me then.

Photos from Flynetonline.com