This is the problem with Katie’s new bob: when it’s not “done”, it’s totally Sally Field circa Steel Magnolias and before that Burt Reynolds. In other words – a helmet pushing a shopping cart…just sayin’. 

Here are mom and Little Sci shopping at The Grove the other day. Because shopping at a crowded outdoor mall is the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon with your baby. Which is why Katie had Little Sci dressed up in her holiday red and whites. And as usual, Little Sci is the cutest, always ready for her photo op.

Doesn’t Katie look good with her rather attractive bodyguard? They stood far apart deliberately of course so as to prevent the tabloids from their assumptions but still… if I were Tom, I’d hire someone less his polar opposite, because this dude is tall, hot, and not gay and it only makes the disparity that much more obvious. 

Photos from Wenn