He must hate the connection but I can’t help it…and truth be told, neither can you. Chris Klein – still a working actor despite some questionable acting skills – at Sundance with his girl Ginnifer Goodwin. They look great together in real life, they really do. And he is actually more handsome in person than he is in photos. But that doofus voice? And the doofus all-around demeanor? Not just a movie thing, turns out it’s a real life doofus thing. They walked past me on Saturday, she in front of him, asking him on their way out – Honey, do you want some more water? And just hear it, just hear his reply, slow down your speech, lower your voice, grunt a little while you’re at it – Uhhhh…I’m….Ohhh…Kay….for…now. Glassy-eyed and automatic and slow, kind of like…you got it…Katie Holmes. Weird, non? Has he been “Church-ed” too? Source