I have no quarrel with Katie Holmes. After all, is she not the ultimate victim in this war? Let's leave our quarrels with her master and extend some credit where credit is due. Because when all is said and done, Katie Holmes is not only a beauty, she is also a mannered beauty - and as you can see from the Alba example, mannered beauties seem hard to come by these days. 

Have a look at the Tom's captive, on a shopping trip to Barneys, as glowing and as radiant as we've ever seen her, though without the sunglasses, her eyes might give away something a little more empty, a little more sinister, a little more robotic. But come…let's not ruin the moment. Instead, check out the following X17 video from the same day

You will note that Katie has inspired a pappie frenzy - a throng of them converging outside the shoppe to catch a glimpse. And yet she doesn't scream - like Alba - nor does she foam at the mouth - like Alba - nor does she sic her burly bodyguards on those who just want her picture. On the contrary, Katie is pleasant and she is obliging and while she's also likely to have been ordered to be this way, I'll take the Holmes contrivance over the Alba conceit any day, any time. Too bad Tom did too.