This is why we live in fear on Fridays. Because these motherf-ckers always wait until the very last minute before the weekend before giving us extra work. I’m in the news studio right now. We’re reshuffling etalk around. And the local newsroom just exploded too. This must be the gossip dread I’ve been feeling for a while now. We were waiting for a bomb. And what a bomb it is: Xenu’s mega bomb just pushed Johnny Depp off the front page of everything.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing. They’ve been married 5 years. Her attorney has released a statement to PEOPLE:

"This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."

HER attorney. Oh but this is interesting, non?

Also interesting, she’s now back with the same publicist she was with before hooking up with Tom Cruise.

Get as much as you can out of him if he wants you to sign that confidentiality agreement. Because there WILL be a confidentiality agreement. In exchange for her freedom. And probably primary custody of Little Sci...? That might be where it gets ugly. Katie undeniably spends more time with the child than he does. But the Church will want to keep her too. Tom’s position now however is much weaker than it was when he and Nicole Kidman split up. Back then he hadn’t jumped O’s couch. Back then he was still Mr Hollywood #1. These days his professional stature isn’t nearly as solid. Katie has a lot more leverage than Tom does then. And it makes a lot more sense now why she was over in China pimping for figure skaters a few weeks ago. Click here for a refresher.

Katie’s career too has taken a hit since she hopped on the back of his motorcycle and let them erase her brain. That was definitely a consideration. She’d been getting more and frustrated watching other actors go beyond her, and more and more frustrated having to pass up opportunities that did not comply with her husband’s standards.

But how could he release her so quickly? And just before his 50th birthday?

The timing of it, just two weeks after Rock Of Ages underwhelmed would not have been ideal for him which means...

She forced her wait out. As evidenced by his statement:

"Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children.  Please allow them their privacy to work this out."

TMZ is now reporting that  Katie has filed for sole custody. We’re right out of the gate and already it’s looking acrimonious. So what prompted this? What do we know right now?

Just a few quick hits from phone calls I’ve made so far:

-Her public play will be to paint him as a workaholic, taking job after job and having no time for family. This certainly helps her on the custody side of the argument.
-He was asking her to reconsider and wait another 6 months. She told him she’d think about it but, with support from her family, went for it anyway, and stopped taking his calls two days ago.
-There’s a rumour going around that I can’t lock down that she wants new staff around her and doesn’t want to be spied on anymore.
-Tom was papped on set in Iceland the other day but there’s some confusion now about where he is. No one can find him.

Will let you know more as I do.