Judging from the expression on his face, Tom clearly isn"t thrilled about how his picture is faring at the box office. TomKat were out and about this weekend, with Katie rockin" her skinnys, proving they don"t just look good on little twigs, exposing a little flash of her breast feeder bra, flats in check - as always - to keep up (or down) with her diminutive fiance. All in all, a lovely and impressive appearance. Impressive because Katie - 18 days after giving birth (an eternity in Hollywood) - hasn"t starved herself back to pre-pregnancy proportions. Hella surprising, non? I like it, gossips. I like it A LOT. Ironic how it was Brooke who went all mamarexic on us instead of Tom"s robot, non? For further clarification on the latest addition to my self invented vocabulary, please check the Glossary of Terms in the Gossip Guide. For quick reference, other celebrity mamarexics include Kate Hudson, Michelle Williams, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Connolly and almost everyone else on the Hollywood childbearing landscape. Don"t confuse Mamarexic with naturally thin though. Angelina Jolie is a good example. She"s 8 months now and aside from her belly, you really can"t tell. So if she pops that Pitt out and returns to normal in 2 hours, it"s not really that surprising. Someone like Kate Hudson however, who gained a whopping 80 pounds with Triple R and who whittled it all away in 3 weeks…well, THAT"s something suspect indeed. Make sense??? Fortunately for us, along with Katie (thus far anyway), there are exceptions to the Mamarexic standard. Jennifer Garner is a good one. Liv Tyler, too. And of course, in her own trashy way, even Britney Spears. Unfortunately, these girls are few and far between. Next to join the Mamarexic Club? I predict Gwen Stefani. She"s about to pop any day. We"ll find out soon enough. Photos from Saving Face