As you know, poor ticket sales forced the premature cancellation of Katie Holmes’s Dead Accounts on Broadway. It’s now also confirmed that Holmes & Yang, her fashion collection that debuted at NY Fashion Week in September, will not be shown at NY Fashion Week next month. No reason was given but, well, you remember what the first one looked like, non? Click here for a refresher. You know, Katie may not be married to Tom Cruise anymore but that doesn’t mean she’s now surrounding herself with people who are honest to her. Because how is it that these clothes, these designs, how is it that they were encouraged?

Interestingly enough, the news that Holmes & Yang would not be returning to NY Fashion week was reported by WWD, buried in a seemingly unrelated item about Selena Gomez and worded like this:

"Katie Holmes will be sitting out next month’s New York Fashion Week"...

Which makes it sound like it was her choice. Well, they have to spin it somehow, right?

Katie’s schedule then, at least for now, is wide open. There’s a ridiculous story in the National Enquirer about enrolling in law school that I don’t believe but other than that, no imminent work plans. Highly recommend going back to television. I hope her agents are actively looking for opportunities.

Attached - Katie in New York yesterday making weird denim and footwear choices again.