There was a deal made at Cannes. The story:

Two people start dating. She's slightly older. Then they find out she used to babysit him. This is supposed to be romantic AND hilarious.


Apparently they think you would want to see this movie.

I guess I might not be the best judge of what women do and don't want to see. After all, in recent times, a love story between a girl who falls for an old vampire and gives up her entire life, literally, just to be with him, somehow resonates for the masses as the greatest romance ever told.

And the stars of this gripping tale, called Responsible Adults, will be Katie Holmes and Chace Crawford. Because they sell a lot of movies on their own, individually, and they'll sell a lot more when they're together…

Remember that millions of dollars go into producing and promoting a film. And, as you know, for many films it's like pissing away money. I wish they'd just pay the crew for not showing up, and then donate the rest of it to Alabama - where the people still need your help! - or some other worthy cause because that way at least you know someone's actually benefitting.

I can already hear the voice-over:

"Lucy finally found the man of her dreams. Josh never thought he'd fall in love, and he never imagined it would happen with someone he's known since the very beginning.
(Cue whatever Katy Perry song happens to be topping the charts.) What happens when the right person also used to change your diapers. Katie Holmes, Chace Crawford, Responsible Adults."

But she is trying to work so much these days, non? It almost seems like at this point she'll take anything.

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