Tom Cruise continues to work on One Shot in Pittsburgh so his family, including wife Katie Holmes, their daughter Little Sci Suri, and son Connor were there for Halloween weekend. Katie was charged with managing the festivities on Saturday, seen here with Connor and Suri, in costume, trick or treating in the neighbourhood.

Imagine your doorbell rings and it’s Little Sci Cruise holding out her pumpkin bucket asking you for candy?  

So...I don’t mean to judge but as far as celebrity children and Halloween costumes go, Suri’s is pretty ordinary. The Alba turned Honour into a pretty kick-ass genie. And I saw many varieties of awesome faeries, bees, ducks, dogs, wizards, and witches all over the photo agencies. Suri’s princess outfit on the other hand looks like her own clothes.

No, actually, I’m wrong. If I were Little Sci, with her clothing budget, I’d want to wear them all the time, even on Halloween too. Remember, she gets her Roger Viviers custom made.

Anyway, after all the trick or treating with ordinary people, Katie and Connor hit up the Chipotle. A lot people swear by Chipotle over Baja Fresh. Really? I’ve only been to Chipotle once and it didn’t make me want to break up with Baja. What am I missing?