We should all be thanking these two Kates for being at the MET Gala last night. For delivering the vom. Like, what does Anna Wintour have against Kate Upton? Two years ago she had to pay her own way into the party. Last year, she was invited…

But then…


Do you need me to remind you?

I will remind you.


And now…now…this?

It’s Dolce&Gabbana. Last week the court told them they still have to go to jail for tax evasion. So I’m wondering if maybe they were distracted. Am I a c-nt for thinking this is really, really funny? How are you not laughing at what they put on her head???

Are you too busy laughing at what happened to Katie Holmes in Marchesa? I don’t know how she took “White Tie” to mean Gone With The Wind but let’s not complain. Let’s not complain about yet another example of Why.Marchesa.Sucks. Let’s definitely not complain about that thing that’s ringing around her chest because …she’s a sloppy eater?

I don’t know, do they eat at this event?

If it’s not a crumb-catcher, what else could it be?

From the state of her hair, it could be that she went to the back of the saloon, hitched up her petticoat, and tried to get pregnant. A freshly f-cked Scarlett O’Hara, this must be the look.