I think…?

I wouldn’t know about child foot size comparisons but I’ve always noticed they seem big. My feet are big too. And they keep growing. 

Am a shade taller than 5 ft 3 and wear size 8.5. Actually a true 8 but with heels I’ve taken to buying a half size up because I’m in them, standing, for hours at a time at an event and they swell.

Anyway, Little Sci’s big feet are cute. They have some personality. Wonder if Xenu will try to stifle that as well. 

Speaking of Xenu…

It’s been a month since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been seen together. She’s always on set in Australia, brings the baby with her, and he’s the super stealth who’s stayed away. Very possible he has secretly come and gone but Little Sci is with her almost constantly, you’d think that on the days he was around, he’d at least be spending time with their daughter while Katie shoots. 

Tricky Tom. 

Who are you doing? 

Photos from Flynetonline.com