Look judgy moms! She’s walking again!

Little Sci spent the afternoon in Boston yesterday with her mom and grandma and she even ventured out on foot. This is important because many of you have been writing about the fact that she’s always being carried around in photographs. As you can see, Little Sci can indeed amble around on her own.

And she has some personality too. Especially when ice cream is involved. Little Sci knows her flavour. Whether or not her mother still has any personality is still up for debate.

Have you read the excerpts from Katie Holmes’s new interview with Elle? If not, don’t bother. Boring as f-ck. We get it. She’s super committed to her family. Work is fun but it should also be challenging. And she likes clothes too. The end.

Photos from Wenn.com and PPNY/GSNY/Splashnewsonline.com