Wonder what The History Channel’s budget is for this 8 part miniseries about the Kennedys. Could it be that much bigger than Summit’s budget for the Twilight Saga? Doubtful even though Summit is notoriously stinge. And, if you’ve seen the movies, so stinge they apparently didn’t have enough money to find Kristen Stewart a proper wig. Or, for that matter, anyone a proper wig. And makeup too.

The History Channel on the other hand – check out Katie Holmes on the Toronto set yesterday as Jacqueline Kennedy. That’s amazing. Now she certainly looks it, remains to be seen whether or not she can act it. Having said that, I have every confidence that KatE’s acting is better than her dancing. And, if they can deliver on the hype, she might have some salacious material to work with.

Word is an early script of the project was pretty smutty. Mrs Cruise wants an Emmy.

Photos from INFphoto