Remember when Katie Holmes was a ninja? How she left Tom Cruise without Tom Cruise knowing? Secret cell phones and lawyers undercover and a new security team, all in place well before she blindsided him: I’m leaving you.

Then it was every day paps with Suri in New York, part protection and part promotion. She emerged as the heroic courageous mother guarding against her husband’s involvement in a secret society. It was top level maneuvering. It was the most interesting she’s ever been. We thought he took her personality away and that she’d found it again after shutting him out.

Which…didn’t last long.

And then yesterday, US Weekly publishes a photo of her seemingly holding hands with Jamie Foxx. PEOPLE follows with a story of their own, basically suggesting that the two are having sex but not committed. At the same time, TMZ’s all over the situation, reporting that Tom and Katie don’t speak and communicate only through their intermediaries and that Katie is “dissatisfied” at how infrequently Tom seems Suri.

What? She wants him to spend more time with her?

TMZ followed up again late last night with yet another story about how much the two hate each other, acknowledging that initially they reported that the animosity was over Scientology because Katie was declared a Suppressive Person but now citing “sources within the Church” that Katie was never labelled an SP by the Xenu…

Holy sh-t, back the f-ck up…

“Well-placed sources with the Church tell TMZ…”

Clearly Katie’s team isn’t leaking to TMZ. She might be feeding US Weekly and PEOPLE but she’s not talking to TMZ. If she is feeding US Weekly and PEOPLE, what’s she promoting? There was a film at SXSW but I’m not sure she even showed up. And she’s on Ray Donovan but that’s not out for a while yet. That said, maybe she’s aware that, well, we think she got boring and she could be trying to convince us otherwise.

And then Tom decided he had to be heard too so his side called up TMZ?

The crazy thing is, in the gossip world, more people believe TMZ these days than they do PEOPLE Magazine. What then will be the result of a possible alliance between the outlet that breaks the most stories and the organisation that so many people don’t trust? Does this have anything to do with the fact that Going Clear, the Scientology documentary, premieres on HBO in two weeks?