Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, and Blair Underwood read out the Golden Globe nominations this morning. Credit to them for not rolling their eyes at the dumbassness of some of the sh-t that got called out.

The Tourist??? 

It’s not quite Pia Zadora, no, but it’s still a goddamn joke. 

But anyway, this is about Mrs Cruise, and, well, they couldn’t quite make that KatE stick the way they wanted to, non? She was formally introduced by the HFPA as Katie. She’s referred to in official press materials as Katie. Always has been. For everything. They wouldn’t let him make Katie KatE. 

Was it me imagining it or did she try to turn down her Katie Holmes by Anne Hathaway-ness? Now I can’t look at her without remembering it.


How hard do you think she tried not to choke on the words NICOLE KIDMAN?

Oh, if I’m Granny Freeze over in Australia, today is a very good day. Please. Any bitch who tells you it wouldn’t make them happy to hear their name called out for an award nomination by their ex husband’s current younger wife is f-cking LYING. 

And what of Tom Cruise?

He was shooting in Vancouver yesterday all sweaty and ripped and manly. Looked good. Which, I guess, is why we’re seeing this. I’m disappointed he’s not wearing hidden heels though. 

PS. Josh Duhamel’s inability to read properly took him down another few status points. Because there’s no excuse for mispronouncing someone’s name on this kind of occasion. You can ask ahead. You can get clarification. You can be prepared. That’s what publicists/ wranglers/ producers/ writers, that’s what they’re all there for. And a hundred of them were running around today. Only a goddamn celebrity would be too lazy and overly entitled to bother with taking the time to give someone else the respect they deserve when they hear their name called out. Wanker.

Photos from PUNKD Images and GABRIEL BOUYS/Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com