I love it. Not joking. I love Katie Holmes’s cute dress today at the Variety 2nd Annual Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills. Suspect Duana loves it too. It’s totally her thing – print, vintage-y, original...

Might even be my favourite thing that Katie’s ever worn. She needs something this short to make her legs look better. And with a big smile too. No dead eyes for the first time in a while, I actually believe here that Katie Holmes is happy. Whaaat? How can she be happy when she’s away from her Life? Her Life is currently in Prague shooting Mission Impossible 4. This isn’t possible.

There were many, many lovely women who showed up at this Power of Women luncheon today but Katie’s arrival was certainly the A-est among the A List. Now if you juuuuust looked at her acting resumé it probably wouldn’t hold up. But some things are still very old fashioned. Marrying well still gets you many things. Just a reminder because it’s so easy to fall back on – it’s not like she ended up holding onto a sh-t stick and not much else.

Photos from Wenn.com