She hit up the Calvin Klein show in New York last night in a nice white taupey waist slimming short sleeved cocktail. For the VIP dinner afterwards however it was a strapless bridesmaid dress that, um, cuts her legs off at the wrong spot. Katie Holmes’s date for the occasion was her “design” partner Jeanne Yang.

While KatE was pretending to be a fashion person with the fashion people, Tom was off on his own, seen in his yellow leather jacket, dashing around town, looking leaner in his jeans than he has in a long time. Handsome yes. And the shot of him all concerned about his hair is my favourite.

Did you about what Tim Gunn said re: Little Sci and her little girl heels? He basically accused Tom and Katie for f-cking up their kid. Maybe with the alienation education but by letting her mess around in play shoes?

Tom needs to reckon with that.

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