A couple of months ago, Katie Holmes was “papped” at a drug store, studying a bottle of moisturiser. Somehow the photographer was able to get super close. In the aisle of a drug store! And, conveniently, the label on the lotion was clearly visible. Click here to see the photos. Click here to read my commentary at the time. I didn’t bother spending the money on those shots. But there is a new set of shots taken by the same agency…

And this time she’s at the Hallmark Gold Crown Store. And the logo is, once again, clearly visible on the basket. Click here to see. And the photographer is able to get good clean shots of her. S/he’s “papping” her. Inside a place of business.

No problem.

What the F-CK, Katie Holmes???

But then again, there are people out there, lots of people, who don’t know better. They don’t get how this works. They actually think Katie’s innocently shopping and that some photographer was just hanging out at the Hallmark Crown Store because it’s a celebrity hotbed and Katie Holmes just happened to show up. They don’t know that this is the same photo agency that ends up in a small town in Utah where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were coincidentally kissing.

So it works on them. Go buy a Hallmark card.

Attached- Katie Holmes at LAX last month.