Katie Holmes is currently back in Vancouver visiting Tom Cruise. For those of you in Cincinnati who keep hearing about those phantom Tom Cruise sightings – he is nowhere near you, you need to tell your radio stations to stop spreading this dumbassness. Tom is working on Mission Impossible 4 in Canada. Has been for weeks. But we’ll trade you for George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. For real. 

Anyway, as noted yesterday, I don’t pay much attention to rings and such. But there’s a close-up here of Katie’s and I love it. I very seldom love rings, except for my own which, obviously, have certain sentimental attachments. Jacek was just starting out when he proposed to me. He could only afford a modest ring, certainly smaller than the ones that blind you in the ring competition. It feels like a competition sometimes, non? 

He asked me a couple of years ago – should I feel inferior because your ring is smaller than all your friends? Please. I’m not my mother. Having said that, we’re saving up for our 10 year anniversary trip. Because that’s a pretty good number. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise will celebrate 5 years in November. So here’s the question of the day: will they make it to 10? 

Photos from PUNKD Images