The New York Times was granted an interview, sort of, with Katie Holmes in service of her new play Dead Accounts. It’s hilarious, the article. Because the writer is quite obviously working with...nothing. He manages in the end to grind out a piece about her and her co-stars but oh my God, I can practically hear him yawning through the process. Jesus Katie Holmes is dull.

She likes ice cream and boxed wine (a reference to something to a detail in the play), these are the only two maybe interesting items she offers in the interview. See? Dull. And now we can’t blame it on him anymore. Katie was dull before, ostensibly because Tom Cruise and Xenu had lobotomised her. Is she dull now because she does not want to fuel the intrigue around her personal life? You can avoid discussing your personal life without losing your personality, can’t you? This personality designed these clothes is all I’m saying. Click here to read the NYT article.

Here’s Katie heading to the theatre.

Oh and here’s Katie’s Joey Potter singing On My Own from Les Miserables, my favourite movie of the year. How long has it been since you watched this clip, one of the most classic from 90s television? PLEASE. I am not hearing you when you say you don’t care.