Robo sells at Maxfield?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 14, 2009 11:24:49 August 14, 2009 11:24:49

…the f-ck???

For those who’ve never been to Maxfield in West Hollywood…

Super ultra luxe. Like crazy crazy luxe. I once became obsessed with a Rick Owens jacket there and Jacek told me I could jump up his ass because it would have meant not making our car payments for 6 months.

Maxfield is a store filled with beautiful things. Until now…

Because this fall, Katie Holmes and her design partner will launch their Holmes & Yang line, featuring women and children’s wear, yes, at Maxfield.

Straight up f-ckery.

You’ve seen their previous creations, haven’t you?

Maybe you need a reminder.

Remember what she wore last year to the premiere of Tropic Thunder? It was blue, it looked like it was made of fruit roll-ups, like it was glued together during kiddy time arts & crafts, with a halter than didn’t look finished, the worst hem I’ve ever seen, and… it didn’t fit properly.

Then again, on Broadway for All My Sons, Katie stepped out in a black onesie covered by a white staples harem pant jumpsuit – cheap material that sagged at the bust, a gaping hole at the back, and an extremely unflattering Gumby gap between her crotch and her waist…

All this to be sold at prestigious Maxfield at exorbitant prices…


So for those who keep saying IT’S OVER re: the GMD and Robo…

Would Katie be selling at Maxfield if not for the fact that she married Tom Cruise?


It’s not f-cking over. Not when Maxfield is lowering their standards.

Having said that…

There is an upside.

Holmes & Yang could be going head to head with none other than Victoria Beckham.

Does Victoria Beckham sell at Maxfield?

Will they wear each other’s clothes?

Will they wear their own clothes out with each other?

Smutty possibilities.


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