Check out Tom Cruise and his big foot lifts getting on a private plane today with Katie Holmes (holding a blanket) heading out of Vancouver. It’s her birthday tomorrow. She turns 32. Apparently they’re heading for New York. Timely too as this week it was announced that she is considering a return to Broadway in Extremities, playing a woman who is nearly raped in her home but ends up trapping the f-cker instead and then her roommates come home and they struggle with how to deal with him. Interesting. When I was reading Room, I wondered if she’d be right for it. Am still not sure.

Anyway, during her brief stay in Vancouver yesterday, after spin class, Katie took Suri shopping on Robson Street, stopping in at one point at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where Katie bought Suri a small chocolate sucker and I’m told Suri was really, really shy, and Katie held her head down like Anne Hathaway playing Katie Holmes. This is my favourite detail.

As for Tom, Mission Impossible 4 will resume production in Vancouver in the new year.

Photos from PUNKD Images