There was a thought I was trying to find this morning when I came across these photos of Katie Holmes at the Giorgio Armani event last night in Los Angeles. Something about how great her hair looks. And her skin. So fresh and supple. Then someone sent me an email related to the Minka Kelly post from yesterday - click here to see - and that's what I was looking for: Katie Holmes could totally be a Charlie's Angel. Like a Charlie's Angel Third Roommate. With Minka and Leighton Meester. The way her acting has regressed the last few years, that's probably about right. It's not like Tom would mind either. Being married to an angel? Please. David Miscavige wrote that script. 

Katie of course is too big for tv now. There's Michelle Williams who went off to get Oscar nominations and Joey Potter who, well, isn't, but may be invited to present one day, if her husband turns it down first. 

As for her relationship to Mr Armani - he designed Katie's wedding dress which, ugh, remember her wedding dress? How did that happen???