Or Olivier Theyskens. Or Stella McCartney. Or even… gasp!... Victoria Beckham. Because while Victoria can’t come up with her own good sh*t, she at the very least knows which good sh*t to copy and call her own. 

Katie Holmes on the other hand just pulls it out of her robotic little head. But just because it’s original doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

The first one sucked and the second one sucks even harder. 

I suppose though we should have known from her wedding dress. 

It’s hard to believe someone so beautiful and young with so much access and every resource at her disposal has such horrid taste. But again…that Armani she wore when she married Tom was no anomaly.

Thing is – at least that Armani wasn’t cheap. Ugly is one thing. Ugly AND cheap is f&cking criminal. 

This is Katie last night at the opening of All My Sons on Broadway in her very own creation. 

Where to start? 

The harem pants aren’t the problem. It’s that they’re worn for some reason over a lacy black onesie. Overkill, non? 

Worst still, it doesn’t fit properly. The material is sagging at the bust, there should have been a fold across the chest, anything but a flimsy elastic seam, the gaping hole at the back makes it look unfinished, and her midgey little husband could fit in the distance between her crotch and her waist…


Girl….why can’t you just hire Rachel Zoe? Are you that bored??? Really? 

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com