Cameron Diaz joined Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the Sevilla vs Glasgow soccer game last night. Katie seemed much more animated than usual, non? Was it the beer? Robo gets smashed? Look at her all touchy feely and tipsy. This will be me tonight too with my Darren at Lady Gaga.

What’s amazing is that she’s allowed to imbibe. Xenu must not have an official position on alcohol then. Perhaps this was a directive from above too. Katie’s been looking so miserable in candids, maybe they thought an extracurricular libation would loosen her up. If so, it worked.

Or the more simple explanation is that she took a night off from the child and is finally able to have some fun. I buy this too. Am spending the holidays this year Chinese-styles with my Squawking Chicken mother. This is why we’re going to New York first. For some joy in our lives before facing her for 10 days. The upside to Christmas with mom however is that there are no kids around. She frightens them.