The GMD's 2 oldest are currently being educated in the ways of the Xenu. It was expected then that his youngest, future leader of the Free Thetans, would be similarly indoctrinated even though Katie Holmes was raised Catholic. After all, they were married according to Scientological scripture.

Surprisingly however, if The Daily Mail is to be believed (and this obviously is an eyebrow archer), Robo has scored a significant victory. The Mail claims that Katie has enrolled Little Sci at Catholic preschool in Boston. Little Sci will start meeting other children, socialising with regular kids. Finally Little Sci makes friends!

Well Xenu can't be happy about this development. How did Jesus get invited to this party? Is it possible? Katie Holmes being assertive?

"Let me pick the school or I leave you"....?

Here they are, the Family Cruise, enjoying the weekend in Boston, at the park, shopping among civilians, always security, and his mother in law, hovering close by.

But how long before David Miscavige drops in for a visit? After he hears about Katie’s move, the Big Boss might have to personally yank her back in line. Chills, Chills, Chills.

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