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I am, like you, still flummoxed that Katie Holmes can sell her clothes at Maxfield. And that fashion magazines have stitched themselves inside her ass praising the designs...what?


Just did a profile on Holmes & Yang, the label, with a cost listing on several items. The price point is absurdly super luxe. Like $2,500 for a dress. For that cheap sh-t? Actually... yes.

You do remember the Tropic Thunder premiere, don’t you? It was blue? And frayed? And the stitching was budget? Also the All My Sons opening? That white sateen jumpsuit over black lace? If for some reason you wanted to buy both, it would set you back probably three grand for each. For THAT.

And not only do they not question it in the article, they actually include even more f-ckery, like Yang’s appreciation for Holmes’s “design eye”:

“(Holmes and Yang) met six years ago on a photo shoot, where Yang, now 40, was the stylist, and Holmes, 31, the subject. They bonded over a mutual outrage; both were miffed that the pockets on a pair of Holmes’ white pants were visible through the fabric. “She said, ‘Why didn’t they put a nude lining in?’ ” says Yang, who has a warm, take-charge demeanor. “I thought, That’s crazy that she would notice that. This wasn’t just an appreciation of pretty clothes.”

We have a low standard for brilliance these days, don’t we?

Katie Holmes and a nude pocket and suddenly she’s John Galliano. Then we should ALL be John Galliano. Start your own clothing line right now.

This reminds me of those parents I see all the time at the airport. Their kid takes a sh-t or stuffs a triangle block into the right slot and they start freaking out over the perceived genius of their spawn. It’s exhausting. As was the entire Holmes & Yang article in Elle. Click here to read it.

Also attached – Holmes and the cast of The Romantics modelling J Crew. Real clothes.

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