Katie is getting slaughtered by critics for her role in Mad Money – then again, the MiniVan Majority doesn’t listen to critics or people with taste!

New York Post:  “And the cinematic comeback of the year award goes to…somebody other than Katie Holmes”…“Holmes, with Alice Cooper hair and crazy Jim Carrey eyes, looks terrible and acts worse, unless this movie is unintentionally a lobotomy documentary…Whatever could have happened to her in the last couple of years to zap the talent out of her like this?”

The New York Times:  “The movie’s weakest link.”

Variety:  “Holmes is awkwardly upsetting the balance” (between Latifah and Keaton).

Wall Street Journal:  “Their heist is only the pretext for jinks that range from medium high (as played out by Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton) to painfully low (as perpetrated by Katie Holmes, who pops her eyes, scrunches her nose and shakes her booty in lieu of acting)”.

It was unanimous all around.

Not to worry.  She can pop out Second Sci soon, as part of the new baby boom, and the MiniVan will make everything else go away.



Photos from WENN