Hitting on Katie Holmes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 15, 2013 15:55:21 May 15, 2013 15:55:21

Page Six has a really hilarious story about people hitting on Katie Holmes on the set of Mania Days in New York. Apparently “she’s been asked out seven times”...

By crew members and extras!

According to the report, the men are “just chancing it”, the way they would, I dunno, at a bar or something. At best, it’s unorthodox. At worst it’s totally offside. I mean, I don’t have to explain to you how it usually works in that kind of environment, right? The hierarchy?

You could say that it’s a low budget film and that it must mean she’s approachable and endeared herself to the crew. Sure. Sandra Bullock endears herself to the crew. But the crew isn’t inviting her out for a stroll on the boardwalk after work. I could see one dude, maybe, with whom she’s had a few interesting conversations over by craft services...but SEVEN?

Is there a bet happening? Is she a bet now? And is this on-brand? It can’t be on-brand, can it?


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