Katie Holmes dropped a shoulder last night in New York at the Life Is Amazing premiere presented by The Weinstein Company. Her new movie The Giver is also a Weinstein property. And, you’ll recall, a couple of weeks ago she showed up at that surfer party that Harvey was hosting. Harvey is a king-maker. And those are the rules when you’re dealing with him. And the point is that in dealing with him, she’s looking ahead at what benefits she might earn going forward. That is, if she wants to get in the game with peer actors who have far surpassed her. Michelle Williams comes to mind. She worked with him on My Week With Marilyn, for which she received an Oscar nomination.

That said, does Katie Holmes have Michelle Williams’s talent?

As for the outfit, I like it. But, to me, the 3 tier ruffle is unnecessary. One panel with the sheer underneath would have been a lot less…fussy…non?