The Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce was finalised this week. Remember how they were all like “we’re keeping the terms confidential” right after an agreement was reached? Well now TMZ has some of the details. Not surprisingly the information favours Katie, just one of three Yay Katie stories released in the last two days. When we look back on 2012, this will be one of the great revelations of the year -- that Katie Holmes has so much game.

Let’s start with the settlement -- according to TMZ Tom gives Katie $33K a month in child support for Suri. It’s generous, sure, for us, but it could have apparently been a lot more had they gone to court. Translation: Katie is not greedy.

Katie did not fight the pre-nup so she did not leave the marriage with a lucrative payout. She also does not receive spousal support. Translation: Katie is not greedy AND she valued her freedom beyond anything else.

Katie and Tom agreed that Suri will not attend a “residential school” between now and high school. Translation: Katie is not greedy; she gave up millions to protect Suri.

Conclusion: Katie, the Courage Mom, sacrificed so much and now that she’s single, and working on her own, trying to make sh-t happen, let us cheer her and support her...

As an actor -- Katie showed up on stage unexpectedly in Williamstown last week for a reading of One Day When We Were Young. As you would expect, eyewitnesses say she delivered a strong performance and impressed the audience.

And as a fashion designer -- this follows Page Six’s report yesterday that Katie’s first Holmes & Yang collection for New York Fashion Week will be presented in the tents (click here if you missed that article yesterday) which is supposed to mean that she thinks her sh-t can stand up next to other designers like DVF and Carolina Herrera. I am skeptical about the fashion style part. But few can stand up to Katie right now when it comes to playing the media.

Attached - Katie out with Suri yesterday.