Click here if you missed Katie Holmes raping you with sugar in the pages of January Elle. 

Now even more Rossum has been released as further proof she is fellating the MiniVan Majority. First an addition to a previous quote about how Tom is the perfect partner and then on Katie’s favourite things…

Tom Completes Her: 
“Tom and I stay in really good communication with each other. I talk to him about anything, at any time. He works 48 hours straight, comes home, and if I ask, ‘Would you help me with this?’ he’ll do it. He wants to. I try every day to make him know how much I love him. It gets better and better. It has made my life.”

What Makes Her Happy: 
“The smell of my daughter’s breath, a fresh-cut lawn, pulling up to a film set for the first time, hugging my husband.”

I am not one of those people who enjoys getting chain mail about seizing every moment, filling up every day. I eat cheese. I don’t live cheese. And I certainly don’t dance like there’s no one watching. 

But maybe it’s just me. Maybe smut has corroded my capacity to find true fulfillment on Xenu’s great earth. Maybe Katie’s words are inspiring…

Are you inspired???